Message from the President

June 4, 2015

New Mexico Section ITE Members, Students and Affiliates:

It is with great honor that I begin my term as President for the New Mexico Section for ITE, It’s going to be quite an eventful year. The LAC, led by Jim Barrera and Paul Barricklow, have already begun to intensively plan the Western District Annual Meeting and Conference that will take place in Albuquerque in July 2016. Please be sure to get involved and provide our committee with all the help they need to make this a great meeting.

I look forward to working with our new officers, Adam Miera and Hiram Crook, who were elected as Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively.

As President, I will be focusing on the following areas throughout the coming year, and will discuss these ideas at the next few meetings to get input from our membership:

  • We will continue to promote ITE and our profession to the students at the University of New Mexico; I have discussed opportunities with Dr. Guohui Zhang to foster this interest. One potential idea was to plan a field trip for the students that show a “behind the scenes” perspective of our profession.

  • In previous years, the production of a directory has been a major task undertaken by our group, however, over the past couple of years a directory has not been provided due to cost concerns. I would like to bring back our local NMITE directory in an electronic form, thus mitigating some of the cost issues. I feel it is important to provide out membership group contact information of their fellow members and colleagues.

  • As a professional society, we have a responsibility to provide educational and technical training content to our membership. In the spirit of this idea, during my first meeting as President, I will propose the opportunity to provide three to four “lunch and learn” style workshops or technical presentations. This will provide additional opportunities for learning, and accumulating PDH’s.

I look forward to seeing you all at our field trip, which will be taking place at the Wheels Museum this year on July 2nd 2015 to kick-off a great year for ITE.


Patrick Byrd, P.E. PTOE
New Mexico Section
Institute of Transportation Engineers